Enjoy the Beauty of Costa Blanca

By | August 24, 2018

A car rental gives you all the pleasure you need in this famous tourist place in Costa Blanca, Spain. There is a lot of charm and elegance in the city for the visitors in form of porch cafes, harbor, Mediterranean food restaurants, and bars. The city is also famous for its famous and largest shopping area and the Santa Barbara Castle which has its historical elegance and uniqueness. This castle has its history related to the 9th century and it is situated on the top of the mountain which gives a great view of the whole city.

Rent a 7-seater car in Alicante

In order to enjoy your holiday in Alicante with your team or family, it is deemed important to get 7 seater car hire Alicante airport. For the case of a tour, big van beats all odds. Your suitcase and luggage will not become a bother with a 7-seater car since this will assure you enough space not to mention comfort. This car also comes with the benefit of less cost since you will only need one driver to carry the entire family around. One big van is less expensive to fuel compared to many small cars and this makes a 7-seater car the best option. All remember you will need just one driver and the rest will be comfortably seated throughout the tour. The rent for a 7-seater car is cost-effective for a big family compared to that of two or three 2 or 4-seater cars.

Restaurants and Nightlife

There are many restaurants in Alicante which offer the traditional seafood and dishes like paella, mussels, and calamari but there are international food chains as well as pizza and Burger King. The nightlife in Alicante is very vibrant and most of the time restaurants open late in the night as this is the time when tourist activity starts in the city. There is a number of bars and nightclubs which have themes and international drinks to offer to the visitors. There are tapas bars as well where you can have fun while drinking and watching Salsa dance. You must plan your season trip to Alicante to enjoy the festivities of history and beach with the vibrant nightlife.

Alicante Beach

The beach in Alicante is very nice and located at a distance of five kilometers from the famous city center and one can easily reach the beach trough bus or car. Alicante’s economy is based primarily on the tourism industry and the hotels and resorts in Alicante also offer many packages with discounts to promote long holiday stays for the visitors.

Alicante is famous for its historical background and monuments of ancient times. Santa Barbara Castle is one of the historical places in Alicante as this castle has its history dated back to the 9th century. Santa Maria church is another historical site to watch in Alicante as this church was built on the remains of the mosque and it is known for its Gothic style and architecture.

All the historical sites are at a distance of few minutes either from the beach or shops and one can easily visit these sites through the walk. The main railway station in Alicante is equipped with all facilities and you can easily take a train to visit Valencia, Madrid, and Benidorm.

The gastronomy of the villages, cultures that converge in the wisdom of this great land of Spain, ancient traditions that do not close the door to the little touches of modernity or its festivals much loved by all who come to enjoy them and ends up feeling close to Alicante and welcoming spirit.