Dental Tourism Abroad – Choose Romania for High-Quality and Affordability

By | December 4, 2018

A dental implant won’t make you smile, but how hard is it to smile with missing teeth? As unpleasant as this procedure may seem, it is crucial for your general health. Missing teeth can lead to all sorts of health problems: eating function disruption, “bite collapse” and bone loss.  It is important not to neglect a missing tooth, but it’s hard to do so when the costs are way higher than you can afford. In Western European countries, the cost for a single dental implant ranges from $2000 to $3,000. This is why a new medical tourism practice becomes more and more popular in Europe – dental tourism.

People from countries where dental treatment is very expensive go abroad for a much cheaper treatment. One of the best countries for dental implants is Romania and can help you find the best clinics for dental implants in Romania.

Cheaper doesn’t mean less quality

A lot of people have misconceptions about dental implants in Romania, such as that the quality of the dental equipment is substandard and not properly sterilized. First of all, Romania adheres to the latest European Union rules on dental equipment and sterilization, so there is no reason for worry in this regard.

Secondly, dentists in Romania are highly qualified. They have to study for 6 years at the university and they attend the same English-language dentistry conferences and pieces of training as other dentists from all over the world. Also, professional implantologists use leading dental implant brands. The facts that the procedure is much cheaper than in Western countries is due to lower of

fice rent, labor costs, bills and education fees.

Enjoy a full dental tourism experience

In case you’re dealing with missing teeth, do not neglect treatment. You can have affordable dental implants thanks to dental tourism.  The online platform will help you find the best, most qualified clinics for dental implants in Romania.

Also, you can enjoy a tour in Romania for a full dental tourism experience.

The cost-savings are still surprisingly significant even if you have to add the costs of flight, accommodation and other travelling expenses. So why not give it a try?