Whilst you may believe that you will be regaled by Spanish-oriented décor in Barcelona, you may be surprised that an Eastern presence prevails instead. That is because one of the prime luxury hotels in the Spanish city offers an atmosphere with an Asian look and feel. So, although you may have arrived in Barcelona, you will feel that you could be anywhere in Asia as well.

A Niche Type of Décor

That is why luxury accommodations today give full weight to focusing on a relaxing and interesting niche décor whether they are located in Paris, Barcelona, New York, or Marrakech. For example, travellers to Barcelona arrive at their destination and are greeted by a reception that denotes an Asian motif. However, you can still enjoy Catalan entrees in the hotel’s restaurant.

Eastern Influences

One of the well-revered luxury hotels that takes on this influence is located along the main thoroughfare of the Passeig de Gracia. Featuring spacious all-white rooms with accents of grey and beige, the Asian-themed property offers such high-end amenities as a relaxing spa facility, a dipping pool on the roof, and a number of high-end restaurants.

Beauty and Tranquillity

When you enjoy luxury at the level that is provided by such properties as the Mandarin Oriental Hotels, you will be spoilt for life. For example, after you enter your suite, you are instantly greeted by beauty and tranquillity. The outdoor terraces outside your suite enable you to sightsee without even leaving the property.

A Modern Yet Relaxing Feel

Within the suite, oak floors display Tai Ping carpeting whilst bronze lighting and a high ceiling establish a modern yet relaxing feel to the atmosphere. Muted tones are underscored by the cleanliness of the environment. A wooden sliding panel separates the bedroom from the living space. In addition, a large sofa is the focus of the living area that is big enough to permit a small meeting or gathering.

A Welcome Escape for the Business or Holiday Traveller

The high-speed Internet in the property functions perfectly and can be easily connected to six devices at once. These types of accoutrements are just one of the amenities that make this type of luxury property a welcome escape.

Spend Some Time at the Spa

Whether you are a business person or on holiday with the family, this type of diversity in luxury makes travelling and spending time in your hotel all the more interesting. Besides the lovely room accommodations, you can enrich your stay by dining in a Michelin two-star restaurant or savouring a spa treatment. Hotels also feature saltwater pools, lounge chairs, and plenty of soft and fluffy towels.

A One-of-a-Kind Type of Elegance

So, whilst travelling, look for a luxury accommodation that spells out all the comforts of home and that meets your likes and preferences. Where you stay is just as important as the attractions you visit or the restaurants you select. Therefore, select a hotel property that stands out from the crowd and is as elegant as it is unique.