One of the great journeys to take from Sydney is the road route that heads north to Cairns. Cairns itself is a major city in the northeast part of Australia. Established in 1876, the city was founded by the governor of Queensland, William Wellington Cairns. Whilst it was first developed to serve the miners that were travelling to a goldfield at the Hodgkinson River, that idea was abandoned when the miners found a simpler travel route by way of Port Douglas.

A Tropical Climate

Later, the city became a major hub for the exporting of agricultural products, gold, and sugar cane. Today, Cairns is a popular travel destination because the Great Barrier Reef, which is one of the world’s seven wonders, can be accessed from this location. The climate in Cairns is also tropical, which lends to the city’s appeal.

If you plan to take a campervan from Sydney to Cairns however, you should not rush through your journey. Make sure you have plenty of time to experience some of the towns and cities along the route. For example, after you schedule a cheap campervan hire in Sydney, you will need to make sure you have scheduled certain activities on your travel itinerary.

Travel experts recommend that sojourners open up enough travel time so they can spend about four weeks on the trip. That way, travellers do not have to rush and can instead take their time, which makes any exploration all the more enjoyable.

Visiting the Blue Mountains National Park

After leaving Sydney, you should first set your sights on the Blue Mountains National Park, which is about 100km away. This area of Australia is about the same size as the country of Belgium. Once you land at this point, you will need to spend about three days in the area. If you can spend a longer amount of time, such as a week or so, that is even better.

Don’t stop in this area without visiting the rock formations of the Three Sisters or seeing Katoomba, a town that features a number of lively eateries. You will also want to drive along the Megalong Valley, which provides its guests with some spectacular scenery. The area is also known as the home of the steepest inclined railway in the whole world.

Visit the Penguins

If you span out your itinerary, you will also be able to admire the views at Govetts Leap Lookout and visit Leura, a town known for its antique stores. In addition, you can bush walk for free or schedule a day trip in a four-wheel drive. Farther up the coast, you will want to check out all the pelicans at the pelican capital of Australia, which is called the Entrance.

Take time for a picnic at Mangrove Creek Dam and park your campervan whilst exploring beaches such as the Copacabana, MacMasters, Avoca, and Killcare shorelines. The next stop will be the Hunter Valley, where you can sample the wines as well as stay for a while on a houseboat and take a languid cruise along the Hawkesbury River.

Other activities include whale-watching tours at Port Stephens, walking among the trees at Dorrigo National Park, and surfing at Byron Bay. The next stop is Brisbane. However, you still have a long way to go. That is why you cannot rush this road trip, and why it is a trip that is best experienced whilst travelling in a campervan.