Let’s be honest; travelling is very expensive and many feel they don’t just have the money for it. It can definitely be difficult your finances, but there are some high quality tips and tricks to take you a long part of the way. Save up and prepare for your next tip with this budgeting hack for creating a travel fund; a savings account where you keep the money you’re going to use for travel.

Your travel fund will have all the money that will be used for transportation and accommodation. Keeping your travel money separate from your regular money means that you won’t eat away at it with your regular expenses. You’re keeping your regular money – and even your regular savings – separate from your travel money.

If you’re really serious about putting your money away, then it’s long past time you set up an automated system to handle it. There’s nothing that is as efficient as an automated savings system. Put it together just the once, and it takes care of saving money for you. There’s also no need for willpower, which is where a lot of saving efforts go awry. Many want to save, but they don’t have the willpower to not spend.

Here’s how the automated saving system works to help you create a travel fund. After you get things set up, they will work like this:

• Money enters your checking account
• Your checking account moves the money to your travel fund the next day
• This transfer happens every month
Give the automated system some time, and you’ll have yourself quite a travel fund and be in the right financial position to go see the world!
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