Catania is the second largest city in Sicily. It lies under Mount Etna, which shaped the city repeatedly when it erupted in 1669 and 1693. Catania has a rich history, which is captured in the baroque architecture all over the city, the renaissance art, and the beautiful scenic backdrop of the Ionian Sea and the mountains. You can use a car rental service at Catania Airport, take public transport, or walk to experience the city closely.

Many people who visit Cataina love its culture, its history but more importantly its food. Here are four best restaurants in the city:

Osteria Antica Marina

The restaurant is located in the fish market where fishermen display their fresh catches of the day. There are a couple of restaurants in the area but none like the Osteria Antica Marina. This restaurant specialises in seafood and is known as the best seafood restaurant in the area. Lunchtime is usually buzzing but if you are lucky to get a table. The favorite dishes served at this restaurant include swordfish, tuna, lobster, mussels, and clams. Try some of their homemade spaghetti with black cuttle fish ink, a fillet of swordfish on a roll, or some risotto. The taste and aromas that come off are heavenly. Other dishes to tantalize your taste buds include triglia, sand shark, and various other fishes that only Sicilian chefs would know how to prepare. Another dish that you should absolutely try is the Pasta alla Norma made of fried aubergines, a specially made rich tomato sauce with a special ricotta cheese.

Il Pizzorantino

You have not tasted delicious Pizza until you’ve been in Il Pizzorantino at the Hotel Villa Paradiso Etna. The best pizza is made with local ingredients with a heavenly crust and great toppings with a healthy drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. It is a Pizzeria with a twist. It serves authentic Sicilian cuisine with emphasis on simple dishes that can be taken as to-go orders.

Al Tortellino

There is nothing like homemade pasta at Al Tortellino; they have made it an art. Think of a homemade tagliaelle with the right texture. It is paired with local produced eggplants. They also serve a great pizza and Italian sandwiches known as Panini sandwiches. Locals also regard this restaurant as the best restaurant for serving homemade pasta.

Pasticceria Savia

Savia is a historic pastry shop that is popular for its tasty lunchtime treats like arancini, which is fried balls of rice flavored with cheese or aubergine, some diced ham and basil. You could also sink your teeth in a cannolo which is a crispy pastry tube stuffed with ricotta cheese. There are many pastry shops or Pasticceria as they are called in Catania.

Catania is an old city with has so much to offer. It has all the culture and the best of Sicilian culture and food to experience. Visitors should give themselves time to really soak everything in, gorge on the best Italian cuisine. The city is famous for its pizza; however, for real food lovers there is many gourmet foods to offer. Sicilians have a way of making the simplest dishes taste extraordinary.