Desert is a spectacular alluring place where little precipitation occurs throughout the year. Their uniqueness and beauty attract many tourists to explore them. Here we provide a list of the five famous deserts of the world that are attractive and pleasant deserts all over the world.

  1. Sahara Desert:

Are you familiar with the features of the Sahara desert? If no read the following points to get known of them;

  • It is 3rd largest hot desert of the world.
  • Covers the area of 9,200,000 sq kilometers
  • It starts from red sea (EAST) to Atlantic Ocean (WEST)

It is semi arid and divided into following regions;

  • Central Ahaggar mountains
  • Tibesti Mountains
  • Air Mountains
  • Tenere Desert and
  • Libyan Desert.

The famous language spoken in the desert is mostly Arabic, Berber & French respectively. It is one of the interesting places with the largest low latitude hot desert.

  1. Thar Desert:

It is also known as the “Great Indian Desert” and is having the subsequent interesting factors;

  • It occupies 320,000 Km2 area
  • Is located in Pakistan and India
  • 85% portion of the desert is in India and Remaining part in Pakistan
  • It is 17th largest desert in the world
  • and earth’s 9th largest subtropical desert
  • it stretches from Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat & Haryana

It is densely populated having 83 people per km2 and is comprises of the following inhabitants;

  • Sikhs
  • Muslims
  • Hindus
  • Kolhis &
  • Sindhis

It is famous and a cultural engaging desert. There is lots of the festivals take place to gain the real feel of the festive way.

  1. Namib Desert:

It is a coastal desert located in Southern Africa.  The deserts factors are described in the bullet points to give the knowledge of the Desert place;

  • It covers the area of 2000 kilometers
  • The name originates from Nama
  • Meaning of the name is “Vast Place”
  • The annual rainfall of the desert is 2 millimeters
  • The temperature of the desert all over the year is 9 °C to 20 °C.

The inhabitants of the Namib Desert except the humans are;

  • Ovahimba
  • Obatjimba Herero
  • Topnaar Nama
  • Endimic Specios
  • Coast lions
  • brown fur seal

Visit the desert and get enjoyed. Here you find many interesting things to explore.

  1. Safari Desert:

It is the tourist favorite place to visit. Previously it is big problem to explore the desert but now the safari deserts offer the deals like;

  • Photographs wildlife
  • Hiking
  • Sightseeing etc.

Safari is an Arabic word that means “to travel”. The theme and fashion of the region include the;

  • Khaki Clothing
  • Bush jackets
  • Pith helmet
  • Animal skin pattern cloth style

Tour the Desert Safari Abu Dhabi with family and friends and get festive there.

  1. Gobi Desert:

The features and the main points of the Gobi desert are;

  • It is the largest desert according to the region
  • Covers northwestern China & southern Mongolia
  • It is rain shadow desert
  • Occupies the are over 1600 km
  • It is a cold desert
  • Receives the 194 millimeters rain annually.

These deserts are almost known by everyone and are the pleasant locations to tour and have fun. These deserts have their own specific interesting features different from each other.